Property Styling

Visual Appeal. Buyers Fall in Love. Increases in Sale Potential. Maximizes Profit.

Property Styling is Free in March and April

Visual appeal is crucial when selling your home

Buyers fall in love with homes if styled well
Styling increases the sale potential of your home

Styling Maximizes Profit

Empty houses or partial homes can be styled 

Pottle Auctioneers and Valuers have worked alongside Real Estate Agents selling the contents of homes and styling listings for the open market.

Presentation is key when selling a property. Our property styling service has access to many high calibre furnishings artworks and it’s a complimentary service with any home contents auction.

You may not have the budget to invest in the styling of your home. Our offering is free and can assist you to enhance the appearance of your home and sell your contents at home at high price.

We can style empty homes or partially furnished homes in need of more appeal. Maybe you home has been on the market and requires a refresh.

Property Styling Free is March and April
Pottle Auctions Property Styling Service is free to all Four and more bedroom homes in Sydney with the ability to hold an auction and sell your contents.

Clients Testimonies

"We loved the transformations made from a plain, clinical and empty space to an amazing grand an stylish home."
"Pottle Auctions styled our home beautifully with art work and other unique furnishings. All the team were very professional. Our home sold quickly above our expectations.

Property Vendor - Rose Bay

"Very pleasing result. Home styling was excellent and sold quickly and for a lot more than we thought."

Property Vendor - Wahroonga

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